Monday, February 27, 2012

Unisource Increases Dividend

Today Unisource Energy (UNS) raised its quarterly dividend 2.4%.  With 13 years of consecutive increases UNS is part of the dividend contenders category of dividend growth stocks.  Unisource is a electric & gas utility located in Arizona.

An increase of only 2.4% is disappointing because it doesn't keep up with inflation.  I've been worried UNS was going to give investors a small increase this year.  I made a comment about this yesterday before the news was released. 

The past is the past, looking forward I want to be a shareholder in this company.  UNS has been stuck in a rate freeze, but it can't last forever.  They will be able to file for new rates in July.  On a positive note, its gas business has performed well.  I now have a 4.81% YOC with this position.  I made an initial purchase February 2011 and averaged down last November.

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