Saturday, February 11, 2012

Small Watchlist

I am planning to make 2 purchases in February.  The market is at a high point right now, but did make a small retreat last Friday.  If we see another drop I might put in some limit orders.  I am currently paying close attention to SBSI, HNZ, K, and GIS.  Food stocks have seen weakness lately and I actually had a limit order in for HNZ last week (it didn't get filled).  I like HNZ because I use and understand the products they make.  Heinz is famous for ketchup, but also manufactures Classico spaghetti sauce, Bagel Bites, OreIda potato products, TGIF frozen snacks, and Smart Ones frozen dinners.  I am particularly fond of Smart Ones because I buy them almost every week.  Most varietys can be purchased for $1.25 where I shop, which is the best deal in terms of price and taste (in my opinion).  HNZ also owns other brands throughout the world and has made acquisitions in Brazil and China to fuel growth.  I pay attention to the brands I buy at the grocery store and adding Heinz to my portfolio would increase stocks I directly contribute to.

Kellog recently beat earnings estimates, but has still seen it's price decline near its 52 week low.  I love to eat Kellog's cereals, but currently do not buy them so I can suppoert other companies I own shares in.  I would love to buy Crispix, it might be my favorite cereal.  GIS has also recently dropped a bit.  I could see myself adding shares in the low 38 - high 37 range.  SBSI is another candidate.  I'd like to add to my position before it goes ex.  It's currently at an acceptable price in my view, but with a little luck I'm hoping to catch it under 21.  I'm a patient guy, there's no rush to make any purchases.  I like to pick a good time and go for the best yields I can in the stocks I want to own.

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