Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Purchase - HNZ

I purchased 24 shares of HNZ the other day.  As I've stated in other posts I like HNZ because I use their products which will increase stocks I directly support at the grocery store.  I picked the shares up around $51.70, giving me a yield of about 3.7%.  Heinz is a food company best known for ketchup, but also manfactures frozen dinners/snacks, salad dressing, spaghetti sauce, and other products world wide.  HNZ is a dividend challenger having increased dividends for 8 consecutive years; has a nice yield of around 3.7% with a payout ratio of about 65%.  I might buy more shares on dips.

I am still planning to make one more purchase in February.  Kellog (K) has seen its price spike with news that it will be purchasing the Pringles brand from P&G.  At its current price around $53, I'm no longer interested.  I am closely watching NSC, GD, and SBSI.  Those three are on my radar at this time.


  1. Nice pickup there, and a strong yield! 3.7% is nothing to sneeze at in this market.

    I decided to buy shares of NSC and PEP today on some mild weakness. I wasn't planning making a purchase this month (let alone two), but I guess you can't keep me away.

    K sure had a strong pop!

    Take care!

  2. Yeah I bought NSC yesterday as well, it finally met an acceptable starting yield for my strategy. PEP is another stock that has some value, unfortunately I do not want to increase my stake in PEP at this time. Nice buys.