Friday, February 24, 2012


This was a boring week for stocks.  The market was flat, with the DOW managing to break 13,000 a few times.  Good candidates for new money are far and few between.  At this time GIS and SNH are the most appealing of the stocks I regularly monitor.  I plan to make 2 or 3 purchases next month, it's always good to look ahead.  If I can't find any good buys I might add to my KO or JNJ positions, or maybe add another utility.  I will be researching the utility sector this weekend since it has seen a welcomed drop recently.  In fact utilities have been the worst the performing sector in 2012.  There are a lot of good utility companies it can be difficult to narrow the choices down.

I've also considered selling ITW, as it has seen a 30% price run up since I bought it only three months ago.  At $56 ITW is only paying 2.57%, which is not great.  The only problem is that if I sell it, then what?  Not many stocks are grabbing my attention, and the last thing I need is more cash.  I should be getting a bonus check the end of April or early May, which is why I'm trying to slowly use up my cash position. 

In non-financial news I will be up for reenlistment soon.  I've talked to my career counselor about getting an assignment to Germany or Korea.  Germany or anywhere in Europe is my top choice, but is hard to get.  It would be an opportunity of lifetime to be able to travel all over Europe for a few years.  I'd be happy with Korea too (which is easy to get).  One of the reasons I joined the Army was to see the world, I'm going to do just that.  The bad news is that budget cuts ended bonuses in my field and my dream of going to OCS to become a commissioned officer is not going to happen.  They changed age limits to become an officer, yet another way for the Army to reduce its size.  The Army is really cracking down right now, they're looking for ways to get rid of people.  I have a friend in the Air Force, it's the same story.


  1. I agree with you on there not being many opportunities to invest in right now. I've got PEP and VOD on my shortlist of possibilities.

    I think taking an assignment in Germany or South Korea would be great. Would taking an assignment in South Korea do anything for your promotion prospects in the Army?

  2. No it wouldn't affect promotions. Getting deployed to a Afghanistan, Kuwait, or any other place declared a combat zone does help however. Korea is not considered a combat zone. I would do it to see the world. Also it pays extra (not a huge difference), and I'd get a special ribbon for my dress uniform. The only place in Asia I've visited is Thailand. I'd like to see more of the continent.

  3. Your thoughts on the market resonate with me -- I wish there were better buying opportunities out there. I added to my GIS position a couple of weeks ago, but that's the only purchase I've made in February. I wouldn't mind adding to my KO position, too. I'm also looking more closely at utilities.

    You and I must have bought ITW at around the same time because my position is also up over 30%. Despite the recent price increase, it still has pretty good valuation numbers, so I think there is more room for it to run. For that reason, I am content with continuing to hold it; besides, like you mentioned, what would one buy to replace it?

    I look forward to reading more of your blog posts!

  4. I was just on your blog, I bet we both bought ITW the same day or close to it o.O I made the purchase 22NOV2011. You have a point about the valuations of ITW. I wouldn't be surprised to see the market climb higher, another reason I decided not to sell. I've been watching GIS, it's still a top candidate.