1. CI, nice job! As your account grows and those dividends start to snowball, that overall acceleration above and beyond your deposits will really grow! Your dedication to the DG strategy is really paying off!

    1. Thanks. My deposits will be slowing down past June. My disposable income is set go down after I leave Korea plus I need to save money for furniture. I need to buy a new bed. Apartments look reasonable where I'm headed, but I don't mind spending a little more than I should on housing to live in a decent part of town. I do not want to worry about drugs and theft. I'll be living off base so that is a real concern. I'm actively saving for a wedding and trying to do lending club too.

      If I can keep fixed expenses down and control impulse buys I'll be in good shape! I only need to save $500 per month, I have confidence that can be achieved.