Hello and welcome to my blog!

Age: Early/Mid 30's
Profession: U.S. Army / Satellite Technician
Dividend Growth Investing: Since August 2010
Goal: Increase Income
Favorite Stock: Philip Morris (PM)
Retirement Date: 2028

My goal is to produce a secure passive income stream growing faster than inflation.  To accomplish that goal I favor dividend growth stocks.  These are companies (stocks) with a high probability of increasing future profits and using those profits to reward loyal shareholders with larger dividend payments each year.  Beyond equities I also make room for a 10% fixed income allocation to include bonds, preferred stocks, and peer-to-peer lending.  If interest rates were to rise down the road, I would strongly consider a higher fixed income allocation.

It is important to note that I do not base investing success on capital gains, total return, or "beating the market."  I simply want more passive income hitting my accounts quarter after quarter!  When my passive income stream (which may include a military pension one day) exceeds my expenses I plan to stop working.  I find that it's very easy to stick to a plan like this.  I don't have to worry about the next market crash or trying to "outperform."  I just need the companies I am invested in to continue executing their business plans as they always have and keep raising dividends.  I typically see results each quarter which motivates me to maintain an above average personal savings rate & not give up! 

I'm currently stationed in North Carolina South Korea the great state of Colorado.