Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Quarterly Progress Update

In the first quarter 2012 I sat back and collected $812.14 of dividends from my portfolio.  This represented a surprising $80.47 increase from the previous quarter .  I sold a large position on the very last trading day in 2011 and have yet to redeploy the funds.  That particular position paid me about $60 every 3 months which was noticeably absent in Q1.  Also KO did not pay out, but PEP paid twice to more than make up for it.

Overall I'm happy to have received the dividends.  It's fun to look back at last year and compare.  My portfolio has certainly come a long ways from Q1 2011.  I'm hoping to see a correction or a market sell off in Q2. I'd like to be fully invested and therefore maximize my passive income.  Even if I stopped investing right now and spent all dividends, an extra $800/quarter would enhance my life in a significant way.  That's almost $300/month! 

Since I started dividend growth investing I've received over $2600 in total dividends.  That means 2 purchases were bought using house money.  Very cool!  It's only going to snowball from here.

I'm excited to buy more dividend growth stocks and see how much the portfolio will rake in next quarter.


  1. Dividend growth investing is obviously treating you very well!

    I totally agree with the part where you mentioned that even if you stopped investing right now and spent all the dividends you could make a dramatic difference in your life.

    The other way to look at it is that even if you stopped investing right now and let the dividends compound themselves you would probably still retire at 60 or so with a very healthy nest egg. So, the downside to all of this is very limited and the future looks pretty bright! You have more invested right now then a lot of 50+ year old people do.

    Best wishes!

  2. Yeah good point there. The downside is that I could spend the $600-800 I usually save every month and better enjoy the present. I can think of a lot of things I'd like to do with the money, mainly traveling.

    Not only do I passively makes $800/quarter, but I'm able to sleep well at night because my butt is covered with an emergency fund. Life really sucks when you have to worry about money, I do not take all this for granted. At the same time I've been consistently frugal and have sacrificed or rather delayed certain pleasures to make this happen. I look at it as delaying because I will spend the money in the future when I'm not forced to work.