Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Recap

Another good month for dividend growth investing.  I've noticed that YOC really starts to grow on the second and third increases, especially if it's a fast raiser like PM.  I just hope these types of companies can continue growing EPS and dividends at a solid rate.

DOW: 13,437.13 /// S&P 500: 1,440.67 /// 10-YR Bond: 1.64%

New Purchases:
1) 52 shares Intel @ $23.86.  Adds $46.80 to my annual income.
2) 19 shares Norfolk Southern @ $65.71.  Adds $38.00 to my annual income.


Dividends Received: $407.13
ConocoPhillips (COP) - $39.60
Intel (INTC) - $29.70
Phillips 66 (PSX) - $3.60
Southside Bancshares (SBSI) - $13.02
Chevron (CVX) - $26.10
Emerson Electric (EMR) - $22.00
Norfolk Southern (NSC) - $19.00
Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) - $36.60
Avista (AVA) - $30.16
Exchange Income Corp (EIFZF) - $17.67
Realty Income Pref. F (O-PF) - $6.76
McDonald's (MCD) - $28.70
UNS Energy (UNS) - $45.58
LTC Properties (LTC) - $26.06
Owens & Minor (OMI) - $19.58
Pepsi (PEP) - $43.00

Dividend Increases:
1) PM: $.77 to $.85 per quarter.  $24.96 annually
2) MCD: $.70 to $.77 per quarter.  $11.48 annually

New Deposits: $1035
$300 to ROTH IRA, $735 to taxable account

Lending Club:
Started an account with $250.  Currently in the process of building a portfolio of 10 notes.  Looking to add between $50-$100 a month to this experiment depending on how my budget and finances turn out.



  1. I also notice that YOC really picks up after several increase. My PM's YOC is over 6% now.

    Hopefully PM goes on sale soon so we can buy some again. Keep up the great work CI! Cheers!

    1. Thanks Henry!

      Wow good job locking in that 6% yield, awesome stuff! I'm excited about the Philip Morris increase which will hit our accounts soon. I'm honestly not sure PM will ever go back to being obviously undervalued. I've started looking at LO, which is another fantastic yielder within the tobacco industry.

  2. CI,

    Great job. Huge month of dividends. Over $400 in passive income is awesome. Just think of how many of your recurring bills you can pay with that. Cell phone bill? Check. Fuel bill? Check. Very cool.

    Nice purchases as well. I also topped up my INTC and NSC holdings. Will continue to do so next month if they continue downward spirals.

    Keep us updated on the LC experiment.

    Best wishes!

    1. Haha A lot of stocks treated me to dividends last month which won't be the case in October. I might buy more NSC but will probably hold off on INTC unless it goes under $20 again...

  3. Great month on the divi income CI. Looking forward to hearing more about your LC experience as well.

    1. Thanks Stoic. I went to the library to check out Walden yesterday but it was closed for a Korean holiday. The nice part is that we got the day off too! We have Korean soldiers within our ranks which is really cool. We should have brought one of them out to eat with us the other day because we couldn't read anything on the menu and ended up just pointing to something. Ended up with a bowl of soup made from God knows what, but it looked like cow tongue or maybe octopus. I couldn't bring myself to eat it so I left and got some Pizza Hut back on base. Haha I'm definitley creating memories over here. You should see how these people drive, I can't even explain it. Imagine the part in Austin Powers when he's try to back up the golf cart in the hallway, except it's a car at a stop light with traffic and cars waiting. OMG rediculous I should have video taped it but I was sitting there speechless.

  4. Awesome month! $400, that's quite an accomplishment. I achieved a personal best of $200 this month, and even that felt like an achievement.

    Nice purchases as well. I also got in on the NSC fallout and the drop in INTC. Hopefully there will be even more bargains in store next month.

    Take care!

    1. Thanks man. I just posted the stocks I'm looking at right now. Here's to hoping the market cools off for a bit!

  5. $400 in dividends in one month is fantastic -- keep up the good work! Echoing the others, I'll be interested to hear about your Lending Club experiences. Best wishes!

    1. Thanks D. I'll do periodic LC updates, but I need to give it some time and wait for payments to roll in. Almost up to 10 loans now, not taking as long as I originally thought.

  6. Congrats on getting over $400 in dividends! That's quite an accomplishment. Hopefully once we start getting 3rd quarter earnings announcements the market will turn sour because I need to get some more capital to work.

    1. I hear ya. I've read that earnings are supposed to be lousy, I'll cross my fingers. It's almost impossible to consistently buy at the lowest points. I wish back in most of '10/'09 I wasn't fooling around with ETFs and had found the dividend growth strategy sooner. There were bargains to be found, which we may never see again.