Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekly Purchase - DE

3 shares DE, 2.66% yield, $7.20 annual income

I continue to see value with Deere.  Between today's purchase and TGT's improved dividend rate, my portfolio is set to pay $6,267.72 on an annualized basis or $522 per month.  Deere dividends make up 0.59% of that amount which I intend to just about triple.  I have to hope DE's share price keeps falling so I could acquire more shares (and therefore more income) for the same amount of invested capital.   Worst case scenario DE's share price goes up forcing me to look elsewhere.  I want lower prices during active accumulation and it's a shame the stock market hasn't really cooperated the past few years.

Other than Deere, I'm also considering BAX, GE, PG, and TGT for potential purchases.  I should gain a new GE share tomorrow through Scottrade's FRIP program.

I will away from home without access to blogger the next week and a half or so.  I plan to continue buying income securities as usual, but will have to post the transactions at a later date.

I hope you all have an awesome week!


  1. I think it's a great time to accumulate DE shares. Decreasing EPS over the next year or two has created a decent buying opportunity.

    I had a look at my spread sheet and the following stocks are cheap relative to their average dividend yields: RCI.b, BAX, ESV, IBM, NOV, TGT and TSCDY. DE would have to fall below $85-$86 to be considered cheap; but that didn't stop me buying some at $91.18.

  2. DE is a great choice and I have seen a few others in the dividend blogging world buy or consider buying some considering its pretty good valuation these days relative to the market. I just picked up some GE in June. I see it has made your watch list. I look forward to the GE spin off of its financial division later this year. It should make the remaining industrial GE a lot leaner and more efficient. Thanks for sharing.

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