Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Purchase - TGT

I'll be out of town on a mission the next few weeks and I don't think I'll have internet access while away from home.  I decided to put some money to work right now by buying a few shares of Target.  TGT is the 37th equity position in my portfolio and I'm very pleased to add another high quality dividend champion to the lineup.  This purchase came with a 2.76% yield and will pad my annual passive income stream by $34.40.  I was not charged a commission since I still have free trades from my new Scottrade account.

Symbol: TGT
Core Position: No
Speculative Position: No
Expectations:  7% dividend growth; steady income
Automatic Sell: Dividend is frozen/cut. 
Consider Selling:  Business fundamentally changes, management becomes untrustworthy, fundamentals deteriorate, stock price is wildly over valued, or position fails to meet expectations.

I also entered a lowball XOM limit order in case the market tanks while I'm out of the loop.  Anyone following the news knows we are in the middle of a government shutdown, this could very well be an extremely volatile period for stocks.  Since I will not have the luxury of being able to follow the markets closely for the time being, I must rely on limit orders.  Anyways if XOM hits $80.60 I'll own more shares.


  1. I was looking at TGT as well, but I only had enough money to open a position with CVX for this month.

    Great buy with TGT! Good luck to you.

    1. Chevron is always a nice choice, good job! I see a number of attractive options available at the moment, although it appears much of the value dried up ever since the government shutdown/debt limit was resolved.

  2. Nice purchase. I'm still watching TGT as a possible complement to my new WMT position.

    1. Thanks man. I'm looking to increase my stake in both WMT an TGT, and also ABT. The ABT increase is out of this world! I think 57% is the best increase my portfolio has ever seen! Cheers!