Thursday, April 25, 2013

Like Clockwork - Recent Dividend Increases

Johnson & Johnson - 8.2% increase.  51 years of increases

Chevron - 11.1%.  26 years

Kinder Morgan Inc. - 2.7%.  6 straight quarters, IPO in 2011

Procter & Gamble - 7.0%.  57 years

Southern - 3.6%.  12 years

No complaints, all increases meet expectations.


  1. I was hoping to pick up some shares of CVX, JNJ, and PG before these announcements but it just didn't work out. I almost got some CVX shares but I wasn't paying close enough attention to the market last week and missed the drop. Oh well, at some point they'll find a way into my portfolio.

    1. Yeah it has been a long time since I picked up either CVX or PG. I'm content with my PG position, but want to add to CVX. There was no way we could have predicted JNJ taking off like it did. JNJ is another one I want to buy, it might be a while before it's undervalued again. Rats!

  2. I think the clockwork nature of dividend increases is one of the most motivational things about dividend growth investing. In what other context can you get multiple pay raises each year? And you don't even have to do anything -- except keep holding the stocks -- to get the raises! I am thrilled every time I read an announcement of a dividend increase.

    1. I hear you! The increases do add up over time, it's simply amazing. Seeing the clockwork nature of these types stocks compelled me to alter my strategy. In the beginning I was interested in high yield, these days I prefer stocks that are a bit more predictable.

      I'm trying to hit singles and doubles. Sometimes I'll strike out or hit a home run, but it's the singles and doubles that should lead to victory.

  3. CI,

    Great list of increases. I plan on publishing a roundup of some recent increases myself now that a number of major dividend growth stocks have raised their dividends. XOM also raised theirs 11% recently. I regret selling XOM, but I'm learning as I grow as an investor.

    I do love these raises, and like DGM said: where else can you get multiple pay raises every single year?

    Best wishes!

    1. As I recall, the XOM sale lead to positions in UNS and AVA. You probably did better with the utilities as crazy as that sounds!

      Sell AVA and buy XOM back if you feel the need.

      I don't think you made a mistake, but we are always learning. I'm pretty stupid sometimes. I knew JNJ was undervalued at $70, yet I didn't buy it :( Now I have idle funds sitting around collecting dust with very few appealing choices. Rats!