Friday, December 7, 2012

Updated Pages

Goals Page:
I deleted the goals tab because I don't pay attention to it.  I rarely follow goals.  I just try to do the right thing and without worrying about it.  Here's how I did anyways:
-Dividends: I blew all my estimates out of the water.  I had some unexpected windfalls in 2012 and saved more than I originally thought.  That translates into higher dividend income.
-Smoking: I haven't bought a pack in 2-3 months so I guess you could say I quit.  I still bum a smoke here and there.  I really only fail at this when I drink.  Oh well I enjoy it so it doesn't bother me.  My body is in tip top shape other than my lungs perhaps.  haha.
-Visit 1 new country: Success.  I'm in S. Korea for a year.
-Exercises:  I had good intentions, but was unable to follow through on my goals.  I'm in fantastic shape, but did not meet the specific numbers I set for myself.  Fail.

No more Goals page.  I haven't even looked at in 6 months o.O

Watch List Page:
Added: CM, PPL, and some ETFs
Deleted: SO since I bought shares of this company

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