Friday, July 13, 2012

Added Historical Data to Portfolio Page

I added a tab to the google spreadsheet showing what my portfolio looked like on December 31st 2011.  You can tell by the size difference that I've added a number of new companies this year.  It is evident my yield on cost went down a bit with my focus on lower yielding/higher dividend growth stocks.  It's not that much lower, dividend increases helped to keep it high.  You can also see I started the year with a mountain of cash which I've been slowly investing.

I will update the sheet every year which will be fun.  I don't see any reason why I would stop blogging, but who knows maybe I'll be too busy in the future.  I've made $0 blogging since I don't have ads or anything.  I don't get very many visitors and I don't really care.  I blog because it's fun to look back at what I was doing and what I was thinking.  It's a way for me to learn and become a better investor.  I like interacting with fellow income & dividend growth bloggers. 


  1. I hadn't thought about posting earlier versions of my portfolio on my blog, but I suppose it's something I could do, too.

    Given that 2012 is my first full year of dividend growth investing, my plan for 2013 onward will be to do year-over-year comparisons for things like quarterly dividend income. After a few years it will be interesting to see the trends that emerge.

    I plan to continue blogging for the foreseeable future unless I get too busy to keep up with it. I also don't earn any money from my blogging, although I am getting some income from my writing for Seeking Alpha. However, like you, I blog mainly for the interaction with other dividend growth investors. I also find that doing monthly updates and other posts helps me stay on top of my investments and monitor my performance on a regular basis.

    1. I do not have a portfolio from 2010 saved, but it would been only a few stocks like T, BWP, UVV, and OB. I sold OB and UVV later on because they didn't have qualities I wanted in dividend stocks. T is the oldest holding left in my current portfolio.

      I think I'll post historical portfolios just once a year or it will get cluttered.

      Hope you go ahead and do it too when you have time. I like looking at numbers, charts, and graphs. I learn a lot that way.

      If I did have a lot of visitors I would consider doing adsense, but it really slows down a website waiting for ads to load. I like being able to get to my blog quickly. I'm currently tethering off my phone for internet because it's cheaper and good enough. It's not lightning fast like when I had Time Warner cable modem.